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The most appropriate solution for fashion

USSOFT is believable by professionalism accumulated from various industries.
We are providing services tailored to the customers' usage environments, solutions and products so that customers' businesses be succeed.

Bobsang RFID


With an optimized RFID solution from fashion/clothing companies,
the overall business of tag issuance, production, logistics, and stores is more systematically managed
and hardware, software, and services used for each business are provided to maximize overall work efficiency.

System Configuration
Label Company / Production Plant
  • Issue a care label tag

  • Production packing

Logistics Center
  • Check warehousing
    Inspection through
    RFID Gate

  • Check shipment
    Inspection through
    RFID Gate

  • Check return
    Inspection through
    RFID Gate

  • Check online release

  • Auto - Categorize
    RFID Sorter / DAS

  • Manage stock
    Real Time Location System

Directly managed / Agency
  • Receiving/Returning/
    Moving/Actual Investigation

  • Sales

  • Self-payment

  • Anti-theft gate

  • Smart mirror

  • Real Time Location System(RTLS)

Expectation Effectiveness
  • 100%
    warehousing inspection rate.
    existing: 10%
  • Zero
    Releasing inspection rate
    existing: 5%
  • Return check on the day of return.
    existing: more than a M
  • Reduce inventory time and manpower by
  • Accuracy of inventory.

    Sales opportunities increase.
    Increase in sales.

  • Product history management.

    Transparent inventory management.

Automation of moving in and out.

Realizing Automatic incoming / outgoing

  • Depending on the warehousing inspection, the rate of re-inspection is reduced, early confirmation of defective products, and manpower and time are reduced.
  • Reduce errors in classification (PAS, DAS, etc.) when releasing a product.
  • Reduce opportunity loss costs by reducing errors in store confirmation
Shorten the time for return inspection.

Reduce the time it takes to check the return.

  • Reduce working hours when the distribution center checks the return.
  • Reduction of additional manpower costs when registering for a season return registration.
Increase the efficiency of inventory management.

Quick and rapid inventory check in stores and warehouse

  • Reduced labor costs for total inventory.
  • Reduction of the headquarters' burden of inventory loss after the store inventory investigation.
Increase store management efficiency.

Establishing a POS interworking payment system.
Establishment of anti-theft system

  • Decrease the loss of sales opportunities by accurately identifying inventory/sales volume.
  • Increase sales opportunities by accurately identifying inventory locations.
  • Decrease the rate or unauthorized shipments by Real-time monitoring.
Prevent illegal distribution of goods.

Attach the care label RFID tag.

  • Eradicating the inflow of fake or overproduced products into the market and preventing illegal distribution.
  • Reducing the amount of damage caused by the distribution of illegal products that occur every year.