Terms and conditions.

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions are intended to stipulate the conditions, procedures, and other necessary matters of the website service provided by USSOFT.

Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions)

  1. 1. These terms and conditions take effect by notifying the user.
  2. 2. The contents of these terms and conditions will be posted on the service screen, and if there is a change in the terms and conditions, it will be notified through the company's online notice.
  3. 3. The company may amend these terms and conditions if deemed necessary, and the changed terms and conditions take effect in the same way as in paragraph 1.

Article 3 (Extraordinary Rules for Terms and Conditions)

  1. 1. These terms and conditions apply together with the rules of use and separate terms and conditions for the services we provide.
  2. 2. If matters not specified in these terms and conditions are stipulated in the relevant laws, they shall be governed by the regulations.

Article 4. (Definition)

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

  1. 1. The term "user" refers to individual members and corporate members who access the "home page" and receive services provided by the "home page" under these terms and conditions.
  2. 2. "Subscription" refers to the act of signing up for the relevant information on the application form provided by us and completing the service use contract by agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  3. 3. "Member" refers to a user who has registered as a member by providing personal and corporate information on the "Homepage" and is continuously provided with information on the "Homepage" and can continue to use the service.
  4. 4. "ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers applied by members and approved by us for member identification and member service use.
  5. 5. "Password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by the user himself to ensure that the user matches his or her member ID and to protect his or her confidentiality on communication.
  6. 6. "Departure" refers to the act of a member terminating the contract of use.
  7. 7. Terms not defined in these terms and conditions are defined in separate terms and conditions and usage regulations for individual services.

Article 5 (Application for membership and use)

  1. 1. Membership registration takes place after the user agrees to these terms and conditions and complies with the prescribed subscription procedure required by the company.
  2. 2. The company provides free membership ID when a new member joins, and applicants for service use must apply under their real name.
  3. 3. Membership registration is established with the company's consent to the user's application for use and consent to the user's terms and conditions.
  4. 4. After the user's membership registration, applicants who meet the applicable conditions will be shown a screen to notify them of their registration online immediately upon application.

Article 6 (withdrawal of membership and loss of qualification)

  1. 1. Membership qualifications may be restricted and suspended in any of the following cases.
    1. A. When an application is made by stealing the name of another person.
    2. B. When the contents of the application for the use contract are falsely stated or when a false document is attached,
    3. C. When an application is filed for the purpose of hindering social well-being or good morals,
    4. D. When another person interferes with the use of our services or steals such information, etc.
    5. E. Where an act prohibited by statutes and these terms and conditions is performed using our website.
    6. F. When the requirements for application for use set by the Company are insufficient,

Article 7 (Provide and Use of Services)

  1. 1. In principle, the use of services is 24 hours a day, 24 hours a year, unless there is a special obstacle to the company's business or technology.
  2. 2. The company may stop providing services in any of the following cases.
    1. A. Where it is unavoidable for system maintenance,
    2. B. In a case where a key telecommunication business operator stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends telecommunication services,
    3. C. In the event of other reasons for the company's inability to provide services,
  3. 3. The services provided by us are as follows, and the contents of the service to be changed can be notified to the user, and the service specified below can be changed and provided.
    1. A. Homepage (Member Terms and Conditions)
    2. B. All services developed by other companies or provided through cooperative contracts with other companies.