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The most appropriate solution for fashion

USSOFT is believable by professionalism accumulated from various industries.
We are providing services tailored to the customers' usage environments, solutions and products so that customers' businesses be succeed.

Bobsang ERP


Optimized EPR solution for fashion/clothing companies
It maximizes sales by providing detailed control management by business classification, integrated online and offline management, direct management of consignment stores, customer management and individual events, production, and raw materials management.

System Configuration
Expectation Effectiveness
Distributed work environment
  • A system distributed by brand of operationg corp.
  • Management of reports and necessary information by corporation, department, and person in charge.
  • Calculation of management information based on different logic for each person in charge.
  • It takes a lot of time to collect reporting and analysis information.
Strengthen core competencies.
  • Establish standardized work processes, improve data and information consistency, and share standardized enterprise information.
  • Securing the foundation for strengthening core competencies by upgrading the business operation and support system.
Integrated working environment
  • Standardization of work processes and clarification of roles and responsibilities.
  • Standardization of management level by major management decision-making matters.
  • Collective information management and history management through an integrated system.
  • Calculation of management information based on standardized logic.
Strengthen management competitiveness.
  • Establish a foundation for flexibly responding to changes in the business environment.
  • Strengthen business competitiveness such as marketing, sales, and customer response.
  • Integrated operation and management of logistics business.